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Accident Claims Sunderland

Accident Claims Sunderland

Should you be making personal injury claims?

After being involved in an accident, there is always a lot to consider. Whether it’s a whiplash injury or a more serious road traffic accident, you may have to adjust your lifestyle based on the injuries you have sustained. The road to recovery can often be long and difficult and may have left you without work or paying out for specialist medical treatments. It’s not uncommon to be lost in these situations, with taking legal action is one of the last things you consider. However, if you’ve been out of work or sustained an injury from an accident that wasn’t your fault, there’s a chance that you could make a claim for loss of earnings. For more information on personal injury claims in Sunderland, call our expert team of solicitors today on 0191 565 7395.

After sustaining a whiplash injury or a similar injury, filing accident claims is often an essential and beneficial process that allows you to cope with such injuries. This may be down to a loss of earnings after having an accident at work, or additional medical bills from specialist treatments or consultations. Whilst not everyone is eligible to make accident claims, talking over your situation with a specialist injury lawyer may help you claim compensation.

What to do if you’ve been in an accident

Being in a position of strength from the very start can be essential in making a successful claim. If you are ever involved in an accident, try to remain calm and composed and remember as much important information as possible. We recommend seeking medical assistance to make sure you’re ok, but also to identify the extent of any injury sustained during the accident. After initial recovery, we recommend contacting an injury lawyer or personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. This could help identify some key factual pieces of information that may support your claim when proving the cause of the accident. It’s essential to identify all parties involved in the accident and key events leading up to the accident. By writing down everything you remember from the accident may help when clarifying the order of events and how you were affected. This will allow you recall important information but also paints a clearer picture of events that you can call upon later if required.

Whether it’s an accident at work or a road traffic accident, every scenario will be unique. There are, however, certain elements of the event that are important to remember when filing for injury claims. First and foremost – remembering the date and time of the accident can be key. The more accurate you can be when identifying exactly when the accident happened, the easier it will be to create an accurate timeline of events. Another important factor to consider is external conditions such as weather, lighting and even the road conditions if you were in a road traffic accident. The relevance of the weather and lighting may have a greater impact depending on the type of accident you were involved in, but the more you can remember will only help support your claim. You can never have too much information, and the more information you write down or sketch out on some paper will only aid you in the future. Accident Claims Sunderland

Things you can do to support your accident claims

As discussed above, you can never have too much information when it comes to recalling an accident. There are also some additional things you can do that will help support all personal injury claims. Take photographs. If you have a camera available, including a camera on your phone, take plenty of photos. The photos will serve as a strong visual aid when recalling essential information from the accident. The photos can often be used as direct physical evidence and help piece together a timeline or series of events. To accompany photos, you can also prepare a sketch or drawing of the scene. Whether it’s an office setting or road traffic accident, a sketch can help tell your story and explain exactly how the accident occurred.

Like with many injury claims, having a witness to support your statement can be very beneficial. Identifying any witnesses on the day can help providing a compelling case in a court of law. Identifying a witness can be very difficult, especially if you sustained an injury in a car accident and you are in shock. If an accident you were involved in happened in a public place, it is very likely that there were witnesses. This is why remembering the time and date of the accident could help in identifying potential passers-by from that day.

Professional accident claims with Treanors Solicitors

With thousands of people being involved in a car accident or accident at work, thousands of personal injury claims are filed every month. If you are unsure if you are entitled to compensation, or have recently been in an accident that wasn’t your fault, our team of expert injury lawyers can help identify if you can make any accident claims. We will handle legal proceedings and arrangements on your behalf, taking away any stress and worry, so you can focus on making a full recovery. For more information on our accident claims service in Sunderland, call us today on 0191 565 7395.

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