Accident At Work Sunderland

Get help with an accident at work claim If you’ve been involved in an accident at work and have suffered an injury from this, there are a few things you can do to protect your legal rights and help support any potential claim you make. It can often be difficult to file a claim if[…]

Legal Aid Sunderland

Legal Aid Sunderland

What is legal aid and how can it help? Legal aid can support families and individuals in paying their legal fees. Legal aid is available for various types of legal advice, family mediation and legal representation in court or at a tribunal. To be eligible for legal aid, there are various pieces of evidence you must provide. These[…]

Solicitor in Sunderland

Solicitor Sunderland

Solicitor Sunderland At Treanors Solicitors, you will discover an outstanding reputation and success rate when it comes to concerns of personal injury claims, reimbursement of accidents and industrial sickness complications. Since the firm began in 1991, we’ve gone considerable ways in winning the hearts of numerous clients due to how we deal with their claims.[…]

Injury Lawyer In Sunderland

Injury Lawyer Sunderland

Professional Solicitors in Sunderland – Treanors Solicitors At Treanors Solicitors, you will discover an outstanding track record and success when it comes to issues of personal injury claims, compensation of accidents and industrial illness issues. Since the company began in 1991, we’ve gone quite a distance in winning the hearts of many valued clients because[…]

Personal Injury Claims Sunderland

‘Back Off’ for Injury Prevention Day!

August 16th is Injury Prevention Day Think hard about how you drive.. Do you tailgate? Do you check your mobile phone while you drive? Do you accept calls while driving? Do you eat/drink/smoke whilst driving? Could you be a safer driver? Let’s stop doing ONE THING that we know we shouldn’t do on Wednesday August[…]

Whiplash Injury Sunderland

Common questions when filing for whiplash claims If you’ve experienced whiplash after a car accident then you could be entitled to compensation based on your circumstances. A whiplash injury can often be extremely painful and have a knock on effect on your physical health in the future. When seeking compensation for a whiplash injury there[…]

Accident Claims Sunderland

Should you be making personal injury claims? After being involved in an accident, there is always a lot to consider. Whether it’s a whiplash injury or a more serious road traffic accident, you may have to adjust your lifestyle based on the injuries you have sustained. The road to recovery can often be long and[…]

Ex-Shipyard Workers beware…

Former shipyard workers and families remember friends and relatives killed by asbestos exposure By Amy Fenton 18 July 2017 9:29AM FROM a woman suffering because she used to give her dad a hug as he came home from work to tales of snowball fights with the “magic material” – the stories are endless and varied[…]