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Category: personal injury

Avoid Banana Skins!
There may be hazards just around the corner. When hazards become reasons for accidents then sometimes (and not all the time!) someone maybe to blame. For accidents that you feel [...]
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Happy (and safe) New Year
Personal injury law firms can be very busy at this time of the year! Frozen roads and surfaces can lead to road traffic accidents and slips & trips on untreated [...]
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‘Back Off’ for Injury Prevention Day!
August 16th is Injury Prevention Day Think hard about how you drive.. Do you tailgate? Do you check your mobile phone while you drive? Do you accept calls while driving? [...]
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Proposed changes to accessing a Personal Injury Solicitor…need help?
You will have heard that the UK government is looking for ways to limit costs for injuries such as whiplash? It is important for us to inform our clients of [...]
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North East Personal Injury Solicitors
Personal Injury Claim Solicitors in the North East – Treanors At Treanors Solicitors, you will discover an amazing reputation and success rate when it comes to concerns of personal injury [...]
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Compensation Claims Lawyers in Sunderland
Accident Claim Specialist Solicitor in Sunderland – Treanors At Treanors Solicitors, we have an exceptional reputation and rate of success in relation to matters of personal injury claims, compensation for [...]
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Asbestosis Claims in Sunderland
Industrial Disease claims Sunderland has been built on traditional heavy industries. Ship-building, coal mining, iron, steel and sheet metal working and, of course, our docks. Years down the line, industrial [...]
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