May 14, 2016


Allergic Contact Dermatitis is a skin condition that can be caused by being exposed to certain irritants at work. There are many irritants/allergens but some of the most common are nickel, rubber, glue, oils, dyes, plants and fungi. Frequent contact with water solvents and cutting fluids can also cause the condition. Usually, a red, itchy rash will develop on the hands, arms, face and neck because these are the parts of the body exposed at work. However, it is not impossible to find the rash on other parts of the body also. Sometimes blisters also develop along with swelling.

Some of the occupations thought to be most at risk of work-related dermatitis are kitchen workers, hospital staff, hairdressers, printers, engineers and factory workers involved in the manufacture of rubber chemicals, soaps and cleaners.

Employers have a responsibility to provide protective equipment such as:

  • Gloves
  • Overalls
  • Boots
  • Masks


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