May 14, 2016

Industrial Deafness

Anyone working in an excessively noisy place should be provided with adequate ear protection. If you are repeatedly exposed to loud noise without this protection your hearing can be permanently damaged and you may be able to make a claim for industrial deafness.

Excessive noise exposure can result in your hearing becoming muffled making it difficult to make out speech, particularly if there is a lot of background noise. You may not be able to hear a whisper and loud noises may become painful. Perhaps you have difficulty hearing the telephone and others may complain that your television is too loud?

Excessive noise can also result in a condition called tinnitus which is a ringing, buzzing or whining noise in the ears. These noises often come and go, but in some cases they are continuous and can be very distressing to the sufferer.

Often people do not notice a particular problem with their hearing until several years after they stopped working in a noisy environment. This is because hearing tends to gradually worsen as we get older so that when the age and occupational deafness combine, the sufferer becomes more aware of a hearing problem.

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